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How to use different marketing strategy to get more sales opportunities?
That’s an interesting question. So, we had some really hardships in our entrepreneurship. So, we had the major product delay. And during out bryte-testing during our first flagship product, we had some major product malfunctioning and issues with some features. Yeah, there has a lot of developments and updates going-on. So, we found it’s very important for us to build that communications with our key stakeholders. From top-level, our team has been doing a really good job persuading or continue communicating with our investors and our partners, suppliers that (you know) what we’ve been doing, (you know) deliver the vision about the product and the future of the company, for them to trust in us. And that actually help us to open more doors. They are more willing to share resources with you and also give suggestions. So, getting them involved in our development is actually we found is very helpful and supporting. And from customer end, we also have the social media team, customer supporting team. They also been doing really a very good job by communicating with our pre-order customers very frequently. And also doing bryte-testing will be really supportive on whatever issues they’ve been encountered with. So, that responsiveness, even actually the product is not perfect, but people feel that they’ve been respected. And their suggestions have been taken care of. And then, they are still feel more comfortable to buy our product when we didn’t served by the end of our bryte. Hey, but you are still willing to purchase our product when it’s ready for the market and you are still willing to invest in us. And we got very surprising result like 90% of them say yes, even though it’s still not perfect. They are still willing to working with that because they’ve seen that we are very passionate about our products and they have very good confidence about the potential of our product what can do. So, the responsiveness to the services we’ve delivered really build confidence in our consumers. So, we learn from that being engaging with your stakeholders is very important to build that relationship and also move your company forward.
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