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2017.06.21 Episode 32 Marketing Profs are talking about "B2B eCommerce & Strategic Sales Channel Structure"
  • 156
    Interviewee: (Length 10:10)
    Mr. Frederic Moraillon, Vice President, Global Marketing, Akamai Technologies
    Opening Speech (Part 2): Leads Lifecycle Management: Social Leads and otherwise moving leads forward
  • 157
    Interviewee: (Length 10:23)
    Mr. Hanson Wang, Sales Director - Ecommerce, EPMS, ABB
    B2B eCommerce for Industrial Products
  • 158
    Interviewee: (Length 09:43)
    Mr. william Qu, Commercial Director, Sensata
    How to build an ecosystem to manage and support the distributors increasing revenue?
  • 159
    Interviewee: (Length 04:25)
    Ms. sunny Gong, General Manager, G&W
    How to choose the high quality and cost effective distributors?
  • 160
    Interviewee: (Length 07:20)
    Mr. kevin Wang, Marketing Director, Markem-Imaje Tech, Dover Company
    How to manage the distributors and how to control the cost?
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2017.06.12 Episode 31"Strategic Budget Planning 2017 for Professional Service Marketers"
  • 151
    Interviewee: (Length 03:47)
    Mr. David Ge, Director of National Marketing & Service Development, Fuji Xerox Global Services
    Restructure the budget carefully
  • 152
    Interviewee: (Length 01:37)
    Ms. Henni Hu, Marketing Manager, CITS American Express Business Travel
    Sales Enablement!
  • 153
    Interviewee: (Length 01:33)
    Mr. Reagen Li, Marketing Manager, Aryaka China
    Four areas Aryaka budget invested in China market
  • 154
    Interviewee: (Length 02:23)
    Ms. Fish Hu, Senior Marketing Manager, Korn Ferry
    Why budget is always limited?
  • 155
    Interviewee: (Length 01:48)
    Ms. Freya Jia, Marketing Manager, TTX
    Budget assignment in start-up company
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