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2017.02.07 Episode 24"B2B Modern Marketing Challenge and Trend for B2B Eletronics/Manufacturing Industry"
  • 116
    Interviewee: (Length 52:13)
    6 B2B Marketing KOLs from DSM, Saint Gobain PPL, Scania, CA Technologies, Vestas, Grant Thornton International Ltd
    Panel Discussion: B2B Modern Marketer: Artist Vs. Scientist
  • 117
    Interviewee: (Length 6:30)
    Mr. Bill Yue, Director, Asia Marketing Communications, Texas Instruments
    How to transfer the marketing depart from budget user to generating more profits?
  • 118
    Interviewee: (Length 3:43)
    Mr. Leon Ye, Ex. Professional Campus Manager, Great China, Henkel
    What's the challenge are you facing in the Sales & Marketing Department?
  • 119
    Interviewee: (Length 13:50)
    Ms. Cindy Zhang, Director, Corporate and Marketing Communications, Stora Enso China
    The overall marketing strategy for B2B branding communication
  • 120
    Interviewee: (Length 3:04)
    Ms. Sharon Shi, Marketing Director, Lucis Technologies
    Do you think that the traditional theory of marketing 4P fit to the development of marketing in these years?
  • Highlights! Review on World B2B Marketing Chief Congress 2017
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2016.12.08 Episode 23"Modern Marketing 2016 for B2B Professional Service Industry"
  • 111
    Interviewee: (Length 53:41)
    5 Marketing Directors from Leading Professional Service Company
    Panel Discussion: Modern Marketing of Professional Service Industry in 2016
  • 112
    Interviewee: (Length 5:34)
    Ms. Lisa Bao, China Marketing Leader, Mercer
    Which Channel is most effective for your marketing campaign? and What's the Challenge?
  • 113
    Interviewee: (Length 1:49)
    Ms. Wei Lv, President, CDP
    What's the challenge of digital marketing in B2B professional service industry
  • 114
    Interviewee: (Length 1:49)
    Mr. David Tao, Marketing Director, Gamutsoft
    The biggest challenge of digital marketing for professional service industry
  • 115
    Interviewee: (Length 2:29)
    Mr. Lawrence Wang, Social Media & Digital Director
    What role does digital marketing play for AIG and how to make content strategy?
  • High-End Event for Professional Service Marketer 2016.12.22, Shanghai
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