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2017.08.14 Episode 38 Marketing Profs are talking about "B2B Marcom & Digital Strategy"
  • 186
    Interviewee: (Length 05:48)
    Ms. Tina Chen, Head of Corporate Communications China, Continental
    How to re-definite the brand and corporate communication in the new digital era?
  • 187
    Interviewee: (Length 04:53)
    Mr. Joseph Jia, Deputy General Manager, CP Guojian Pharma
    The successful case of online healthy management software promotion campaign
  • 188
    Interviewee: (Length 01:08)
    Ms. vivian Xiao, ex.Marketing & Communication Director APAC, Eaton
    The scoring of branding & PR campaigns performance
  • 189
    Interviewee: (Length 04:17)
    Ms. lucia Zhu, Marketing Director, Bracco Sine
    How to collect and analyze the data on social media platform such as Wechat?
  • 190
    Interviewee: (Length 03:37)
    Mr. Ray Yuan, Marketing Director, Win King
    The new strategy for digital marketing campaign for traditional industry
  • World B2B Marketing Chief Congress 2018, Jan 24/25/26, Shanghai
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2017.07.25 Episode 37 Marketing Profs are talking about "Private Event: Target Marketing"
  • 181
    Interviewee: (Length 02:58)
    Ms. Henni Hu, Marketing Manager, CITS American Express Business Travel
    Lightening your events:innovation, new clients & conversion rate!
  • 182
    Interviewee: (Length 03:25)
    Mr. Gordon Tsu, VP, Global ConsignIndex
    Trends of PSM offline marketing
  • 183
    Interviewee: (Length 01:13)
    Ms. Erin Hu, Marketing Director, SCG
    Decision marker attendance: budget owner or budget user
  • 184
    Interviewee: (Length 01:07)
    Ms. Julia Cao, Partner, Benefits & Investment, Aon Hewwit
    Core value of private event: shorten selling cycle
  • 185
    Interviewee: (Length 04:09)
    Ms. Lily Ma, Marketing Manager, Global Marketing, APL Logistics
    APL transfer to hold private event in mature market
  • 1st Episode The Da Vinci Code Secrets —— from Digitization to Intelligentization Transformation —— August 18th, Shanghai China
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